State of Wyoming - Park County Democratic Party - 2022 Platform
Park County Democrats respect the dignity and fundamental worth of every human being.
Park County Democrats support:
  • The civil liberties of all individuals regardless of race, gender, language, national origin, ethnicity, religious or non-religious preference, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or political beliefs.
  • A safe and healthy future for all children.
  • Effective, equitable and affordable health care for all.
  • A livable and equitable wage for all workers.
  • Access to a high quality and effective public education for both children and adults.
  • The expansion of vocational training options for citizens of all ages.
  • The safe and fair treatment of all workers - including the right to participate in the collective bargaining process.
  • The continued public ownership, access to and restoration of our public lands.
  • The use of our natural resources in a responsible, environmentally protective, and sustainable manner.
  • The use of renewables as part of a diverse energy economy to help protect our fragile climate.
  • The repair, expansion, and modernization of our current infrastructure.
  • Access to affordable and safe housing for all.
  • Long-term sustainability in agriculture, manufacturing, business and transportation.
  • Creating economic opportunities for our children to remain, or return, to Wyoming.
  • The sovereignty of Native peoples and their historical and adjudicated rights.
  • The grateful, timely and comprehensive care for all veterans.
  • The respectful care, and support of women’s reproductive choices, including safe access to abortion and healthcare providers.
  • The ability of every citizen to vote easily and securely without undue encumbrance.
  • The rule of law and its applicability to all individuals and entities.
  • Responsible and legal gun ownership including education on the safe handling and storage of firearms.
  • The right of individuals, organizations and businesses to determine the allowance of firearms and other weapons on their property.
  • The holding of all public officials, political groups, government contractors, political contributors and financial entities to an ethic and practice of complete transparency and full public disclosure.
  • An equitable, stable and sustainable tax structure.
This document aspires to be a practical guide to get our backs into and our hearts behind.
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